Proffer is a cross-platform tool to distribute cloud images between diff accounts and regions.

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Define dynamic and default variables:

Before using the variables in proffer template file, we ned to define those variables. We can define those variables one of either places mentioned below:

If the variable is dynamic, means can change the values for different environments and cases then we can define that variables in different variables file and then pass that variable file to proffer cli using --var-file option.

If the variable is constant then we can just define its values in proffer template file itself and use it directly without passing as var file.

Use variables in proffer configuration file:

Once we have defined the variables in either variable file or template file, then we can use them using below syntax:

x : 


Nesting of variables are not allowed in both variable and template file.

Ex: Invalid variable definition.

    f: 2

Valid variable definition

  s: 2