Proffer is a cross-platform tool to distribute cloud images between diff accounts and regions.

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To troubleshoot the errors came during template validation or apply phase, we can enable the logging with debug level, so we can take a look what is going on in background of template validation and apply phase.

To enable the debug level logs, we just need to make sure we pass either --debug or -d flag to proffer command.


$ proffer validate --debug
$ proffer validate -d

Similarly, we can use the debug flag in apply command also.

$ proffer apply --debug
$ proffer apply -d

How to read the logs more effectively to understand what info they represent

Each message printed by proffer has two parts and they are separated by |.

Template debugging:

When we run the proffer validate or apply command , it generates a output.yml file in the same location from where we are running the proffer. We can take a look at this file to check if the template resolved the dynamic information (env vars) or not.